Betsy Wynne

I’ve been a Christian since I can remember, and I love Jesus above all. Well, most days. My faith journey is ongoing, sometimes stagnating, sometimes deepening—always in process. I value the interplay between faith and reason; I love seeing God’s work in others’ lives, and I feel strongly that the church is a school for sinners. I try to pray the Psalms every day and #103 might just be my very favorite.

I was ordained in New Jersey in 2006, and my first call was serving as both an assistant chaplain at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) and a pastoral assistant at two tiny churches outside of Aberdeen. In Scotland I experienced ministry in several different settings: from a 500 year old chapel with high liturgical (and university) drama, to counseling homesick international students; from a small neighborhood church where we sang childrens songs, to presiding over the Scottish Episcopal eucharist. For a few years in Spokane I stayed home with tiny children and preached occasionally at churches throughout the Inland Northwest presbytery.

Since June 2012 I’ve been an associate pastor at FPC, although I was only officially “called & installed” in 2016. Working with John and the fantastic staff at FPC has been wonderfully inspiring, challenging and fruitful. The people of FPC have welcomed me into their lives in a myriad of ways. I’ll always remember the wedding I performed at a hospital bedside, the WWII veteran’s graveside service when the fighter jets flew overhead, and the conversations with people in crisis in which God never fails to make it clear he is present and loving. What a privilege to be a pastor to such dear people.

My family includes Jeremy, my husband, who teaches theology at Whitworth University, and our children Hannah and Asher, both born during our time in Scotland. We do our best to love one another and our extended family who lives all over the US. When I’m not at church, you might find me doing mom stuff—cooking/cleaning/shopping/gardening, volunteering at the kids’ elementary school, teaching a bit at Whitworth, or spending time with grandparents who live in Spokane too. In my other spare time (if I have it) I like to knit, read, watch Netflix reruns and exercise.