What We Believe

What we believe ...

We answer this question in a number of ways, all of which speak to our ongoing sense of call from God to be his joyful church in this wonderful place –

We are a Christ-centered church.  The members of this church believe that Jesus was and is the Son of God.  It is Christ alone who brings us through the power of the cross into a loving and eternal relationship with God.  It is Christ who tells us of the love and righteousness of the Father and the power and the comfort of the Holy Spirit.  It is Christ who calls us to live into the grace and love of his Kingdom, and to share that grace and love with others.  The joy we know as members of this community comes out of our individual and collective relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus!

We are a Presbyterian Church, part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  That means that we belong to the theological tradition that lifts high the loving sovereignty of God, which sees the scriptures as a holy gift given by God that guides us with an authority unlike any other.  That’s why in our worship services we center on God’s word read from the scriptures and preached.  Our tradition also means that we do not believe that hearing the word is enough, that God loves us enough that he has called us to be his active witnesses in the world – to joyfully share the Good News of Jesus Christ, to love people like he loves people, to work for justice, to be merciful, and to live in peace and extend it to others.

We are a church made up of people who know that they are sent by God.  Our members come from all over Spokane to belong to this church.  We live out our faith in our homes and in our neighborhoods but also throughout the city.  Our members live their faith in their work environments and many also are involved in ministries here in Spokane, some are involved in ministries that are broader than this region, and some are working for the Lord in international missions. 

Our vision statement is pretty simple (but we also think it is pretty profoundly challenging):  Internally Strong Externally Focused. This speaks to our belief that all of us at FPC are called to be disciples of Jesus as we pray, fellowship,  read scripture, faithfully attend worship (internally strong) and active witnesses with others outside the church to his truth, grace, and beauty (externally focused).    

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