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Change Support Group

“The journey of life is a very happy one as long as I am willing to accept change and responsibility.” — AA Daily Reflections, June 25

“The only thing that will never change is that there will always be change.” — Unknown

“Change comes from taking risks, and the greatest risk is to be honest with yourself, then with others.” — Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

What would you like changed in your life? More specifically, what is it about YOU that YOU would like to see changed? The first of the year is the season of “RESOLUTIONS,” whether that means changes in our fitness and eating habits, or more serious addictions we struggle with. Unfortunately, our resolutions are fleeting—research shows that the average New Year’s resolution lasts less than 90 days.

Why is that? It’s not about will power. Some very successful individuals who have great will power struggle in specific areas—so why is it that they cannot succeed in this or another area?

The 1970s, ‘80s, and ‘90s brought great breakthroughs in the area of neuro (brain) chemistry, which help us understand what Paul asks in Romans 7:15— “Why do I do the very thing I don’t want to do?”

The Genesis Process blends sound biblical principles and the latest understanding of the brain with the author Michael Dye’s many years of experience as an addictions counselor. These books are written for Christians with the goal of making them safe for hurting people. This unique, effective process is easy to implement in real life.

FPC’s Change Support Group studies the Genesis process through workbooks, homework, discussion and mutual support, led by Jack Cosby. Jack’s own story includes a deliverance from addictions to alcohol and sexual behavior, and he is grateful to God that he’s been able to stay pure and sober for 25 years. Jack has been leading groups and individuals through various versions of the Genesis material for over a decade and has helped many people arrive at meaningful, lasting changes in behavior, thought patterns, and habits.


Whether you wrestle with addiction to substances or overeating, whether your struggle is pornography or codependent relationships or technology—all are welcome in this group. Confidentiality and trust are essential elements of the group’s process and will be built slowly.

The group will meet for eight Mondays beginning February 5, 7-9 p.m. The group will accept new members throughout this session. Cost of materials: $25 for individual workbook (some scholarships available). To register or find out more, call Jack Cosby, 953-1067, or email him at

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A Christ-centered support group for those with mental health challenges & their loved ones.



The purpose of Fresh Hope is to provide a safe, non-threatening setting for people who have mood disorders, their family and friends. We are a non-denominational program.

Fresh Hope is a mutual-help, peer-to-peer support group
where people encourage one another as equals under the guidance of a facilitator.
We promote the important role that Christian faith can have in recovery.

You’ll find Fresh Hope to be a warm, caring, but also challenging environment. A place where faith and doubt are freely shared. You will discover you are not alone on your journey of faith and wholeness. In a community, we multiply our opportunities to love God, others and to receive care.  At Fresh Hope you will explore the impact of symptoms on your life and receive practical resources on how to maintain your journey toward recovery.

Fresh Hope met at First Pres for the first time in the Fall of 2017 and we expect to offer the group again in 2018. For current group meeting dates, contact Wayne at 509-981-6047.

Wayne Deibel is a seasoned Presbyterian pastor and professional Chaplain. He is the author of White Knuckled Faith – Help, Hope, and Healing for Living with Mood Disorders.

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group

The Alzheimer’s Association offers support groups of many kinds for those in all stages of all forms of dementia and their caregivers. Our local Spokane chapter of Alzheimer’s Association sponsors an open, confidential group—free and open to unpaid care partners, family members and friends of individuals with memory loss. The journey may be long but companions make all the difference. Before attending please contact group facilitator Beth Priest (509) 590-3965. Meets at FPC in Room 213 each month on the 3rd Tuesday, 1:30-3:00pm.

Bereavement Support

For the Bereavement Support Group, click here.