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Walking on Water in Kamiah

“We receive JOY when we bring JOY to those who are in need of JOY,
We receive HELP when we bring HELP to those who need HELP.
We receive BLESSINGS when we give BLESSINGS to those who need BLESSINGS,
We receive LOVE when we give LOVE to those who need LOVE!”

Anonymous Kamiah Team Member

In late July, 31 people from our congregation joined together to see what God might have in store for them as they reached out to serve the Kamiah, Idaho community.  The Kamiah community had suffered significant loss of homes and property during fires in 2015 and our team went to provide physical labor and hopefully to build some relationships during our five day visit.  In preparation and while in Kamiah we reflected upon the story of Jesus walking on water (Matthew 14:22-33) and the responses of his disciples (amazement, courage, fear and ultimately worship).  The team was challenged to “get out of your boat”, that is to choose to risk our time, our energy, our comfort and our care, as we melded as a team and encountered the people of Kamiah.

We arrived with an outline for our time in Kamiah but with lots of uncertainty about the details.  But God had gone out before us and upon reflection, the weekend couldn’t have been scripted any better.  Over three days our team fanned out to work on a number of projects that suited the abilities and interests of each individual so well.  The work included hanging sheet rock, building decks, wrapping vapor barrier around a house, preparing forms for a foundation, removing burned fencing, landscaping the grounds of our host church (First Indian Presbyterian Church) and the adjacent cemetery, organizing clothing at the church’s clothing bank, clearing debris from two burned structures and cutting and stacking firewood. 

The work was fulfilling and went very well but what felt even more significant were the interactions with the people we met.  We learned that even a year later that some people were still mourning their loss and losing hope.  For some, just the listening to their story was the greatest gift we could offer.  We witnessed how others in the community are still so generous with their time and support for those that were struggling.  And we felt the affirmation of many in the community that expressed their gratitude (see sidebar).

A neighbor brought cookies to our work site the first day and asked us how we could leave our homes and our obligations and come here to help build. We responded, “All of us still have our homes. We are delighted for the opportunity to be here to help”.  She replied, “The work that you are all doing is the best sermon one could have”. 

On the afternoon of our final full day in Kamiah, we held a water games and BBQ activity open to all youth in the community not really knowing if anyone would show up.  But show up they did and we enjoyed a host of water games in the 100 degree heat and a BBQ that served the kids, our team and many of the people we had met during our time in Kamiah. 

During this summer we have been encouraged to journey out from FPC, to seek out God in our work, our play, our travels and our relationships, and then to come back to share our stories.  We were asked to bring back a rock as a marker for that time or experience where we felt particularly close to God.  Rick Mocabee returned with rock fragments he had found that could be fit perfectly back together into a single rock. Rick realized that this is a fitting reminder of how God knit this group of diverse people together into a whole as we served in Kamiah.  And isn’t that us, the people of FPC, as we return from our summer journeys?  God is truly at work at FPC knitting us together into one body as fellow followers of Jesus.



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