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We meet nearly every Wednesday evening at 1st Pres. from 7-9pm. Just up the stairs and in the doors from the main parking lot. You can expect the usual stuff (great music, Italian sodas, decent teaching, small groups & more) and we guarantee something unusual will happen! We are a community of high school students from around Spokane who care about each other, our schools, our city and, most importantly, what it means to have a faith in a loving God who calls us to love our neighbor as ourself.


Each day of Advent, we will be posting a prayer, poem, or scripture reading for reflection this Christmas season specifically for and by the Praxis community. Check it out here!

easter project:tijuana 2019

Click below for all things EP 2019, our annual trip to build homes alongside our friends in Tijuana, Mexico. Contracts, fundraising info, and more can all be found if you click below!



Discipleship groups

D-groups have now begun!  We gather each Wednesday night in D-groups to both help us move forward toward Jesus and build community that matters. The goal of these are to make sure students have a place to feel welcome, comfortable, and known by one another.