God, Come Near

God, Come Near by David Potter via Sojourners

Loving God who draws near to us,

whose greater coming we breathlessly await:


With the audacity to hope, embolden us.

Untether us from platitudes and

increase our ability to hold complexity;

give us the courage needed for expectation.


In our yearning for justice and peace, empower us.

Amid the hovering chaos, let our lives

call forth your commonwealth;

strengthen us to enflesh our desired future.


Through fragmented truth, guide us.

Reveal the lies we have consumed and

teach us to trust the wisdom of darkness;

bring healing to the sickness of false-light.


In the emptiness and fear of this time, comfort us.

May the outcry of suffering awaken and

transform our woundedness through the way of love;

help us to extend and receive wholeness.


When the weight we carry is too much, sustain us.

Remind us of the source of life and

let simply breathing be enough;

give us grace to embrace the fullness of ourselves.


God who is ever-becoming,

Open us to the unfolding kin-dom

and meet us in our desire

to participate in you.

God of wholeness,

come and fill our hearts and minds,

and our bodies

with deep abiding love.

God our Father and Mother,

when it feels you are

beyond the limits of our longing,

come, bring us home.



Dustyrose Belarde