Reflections on Love - by Emily Reidt

I see love in those at Praxis who volunteer for service projects like Young Lives and City Gate and God works through them to love those they serve.

I see love in leaders who are intentional about making time and conversation with the students they lead and in good friendships in my life. My favorite thing is quality time, so when leaders ask me to hangout or go to coffee (or whatever else) it’s my favorite thing ever! I feel loved when people talk to me about my life and find interest in what I’m saying as well as when they trust me with parts of their story.

Love feels absent in people who have little patience for others. When friends get caught up in conversations full of gossip and tear one another down. In friends who don’t respect those who want to change their lives by making better choices, and rather isolate them making them feel awkward and alone.

Where does love feel present in your life? Where might it feel absent?

Challenge: Reach out to a Praxis leader and ask them to hang out this winter break! Go on a snowy walk, get hot cocoa, paint pottery at the mall, go to church on Sunday together, get pancakes, talk about life.

Dustyrose Belarde