What is Advent? by Makayla

What exactly is Advent anyway?

The Christian church follows along with the liturgical calendar, which is a fancy way of saying the types of readings, worship, thoughts, and practices that shape a specific season in time. The Advent season usually begins first Sunday of December or the last of November, depending on how the dates fall, and represents a time of waiting in hopeful expectation and preparing our hearts for the coming of Christ. The definition of the word advent is “arrival” or “coming,” and this is exactly what we anticipate as we enter into this season. The arrival of hope, of love, of joy, of peace offered to us in and through Christ. Each day until Christmas, we will reflect on these themes with the hope that we will prepare our hearts well and begin this season of waiting with joy and expectation.

Questions for Reflection:

Where can I create space this busy holiday season to wait on Christ, to pay attention to God’s work of hope, love, joy, and peace in the world, and rest in expectation? In other words, what needs to become less so that Christ can become greater in me?

When Christmas morning comes, what do I want to be different? How do I hope the meditations and practices of Advent will shape me?

Brad Hauge