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we are called to love God, and love our neighbors! so this summer, we're setting aside an afternoon to do just that -- then joining together for a fun bbq meal on the east lawn at fpc, at 5!

Projects will fall within the 1-5pm time window (except the meal team!)

Please read through the project list below to identify the way you wish to serve on this day.  You may sign-up on the clipboards at church or on Sign-Up Genius.  You will be contacted by the project coordinator for your project with the specific timing, logistics and other details for your project.  If we don’t have enough volunteers for a given project, we will cancel and ask those that did volunteer to shift to a different project.



En Christo (a ministry of Whitworth University students)

Serving:  Low income seniors in downtown Spokane

Activities:  Make a meal at Whitworth University and deliver to downtown residents in the Park Tower Apartments.  Opportunity to share Christ’s love as you meet and visit with the residents.  This is a great project for families with young children!


Family Promise (FPC Mission Partner)

Serving:  Spokane families experiencing homelessness

Activities:  Prepare the day’s dinner, surprise the kids and families with a fun activity and/or deep clean at their facility.  Another good project for families!

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FPC Congregant Chores

Serving:  FPC congregants who have requested help with household chores.

Activities:  Provide the help that’s needed such as yardwork, housecleaning or other acts of service for one of our own.


Meal at FPC

Serving:  The people of FPC and their guests.

Activities:  Help us get ready for the July 7 evening meal and clean-up afterwards.  Various time slots and jobs as you help with food prep, hospitality, set-up and clean-up.

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Mid City Concerns/Meals on Wheels (FPC Mission Partner)

Serving:  Low income seniors in the downtown area.

Activities:  Support our neighbor with chores at their site such as deep cleaning, bagging pet food and organizing.  We may also create a special gift for veterans to provide on Veterans Day. 

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Mission Community Outreach Center (FPC Mission Partner)

Serving:  Low income individuals and families in the city of Spokane.

Activities:  Provide some serious love to this highly used facility including parking lot clean-up, building cleaning, organizing donated items and window washing.


Polly Judd Park Projects

Serving:  Our Lower South Hill neighbors and other users of Polly Judd Park. 

Activities:  We’ll be using our green thumbs at their community garden, sprucing up the surrounding area and organizing activities for kids and families from the Russet Hill apartments (site of our Summer English Club).


Pray at First Pres

Serving:  All those serving this day, our downtown and Lower South Hill neighbors and people throughout Spokane.

Activity:  Come to the church anytime between 1-5pm and join together with others for facilitated prayer.  If you can’t come to the church, you can still sign-up and pray from wherever you are!