K3 is KLUB 456, KREW, and KWAM- a gathering place for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders.

KLUB 456

KLUB 456 is the "peak" of K3 whose focus is specifically geared towards fellowship and discipleship. Sunday morning “Sunday School” and  Friday Night events are examples of KLUB 456 activities.

Sunday Mornings: This program takes place from 10:00 a.m.-11:15 a.m. in the Well Room in the lower level of FPC. We start out by having a ‘free time’. As kids come in there are board games, foursquare to play, friends and leaders to visit with, music playing and snacks to be eaten! Each week we rotate opening our lesson hour with either group music, bible study questions, group games or Movie/Music clips. Then the KLUB kids are split into two age appropriate lesson styles.

  • 4th GRADERS will take part in JOY ZONE where they learn a Bible story through any of the following Rotation Workshops: drama, art, storytelling, video, science, cooking and more. They travel as a group shepherded by 2 tremendous small group leaders.

  • 5th and 6th GRADERS We take biblical principals and show preteens how they're applicable to the issues they face each day. 5th and 6th graders are split into age/gender specific groups.

  • Sunday Snacks: Every Sunday, during KLUB 456, we offer snacks for the entire KLUB group. Remember that this is one of the “4 F’s”-Faith, Food, Friends, Fun. The goal is that each family provides a light snack and drink on a Sunday during the school year. If this rule is followed by all, each family only provides snacks ONCE per year!

Friday Night Fun:

  • 4th, 5th and 6th graders get together for "youth group" (or Friday Night Fun) once each month October through June. FNF gathers either INSIDE the church where we play games, have great food, and dive deeper into our faith or OUTSIDE the church for fun and fellowship (e.g. roller skating, jumping at Get Air, In the Park at Dark).

  • Parents Help At Events: We need your help to ensure the success of these events. Some of the benefits of lending a hand include:

    • You'll know what your child learned about/did rather than hearing this old conversation: “So, how was it?” “Good.” “Well, what’d you do?” “Stuff.”

    • You’ll have fun! The laughter and joy of the kids is contagious!

    • God will bless YOU! (Feeling God’s spirit move when a room full of 50 kids start praying is amazing!)

    • You’ll be a blessing to others. You’ll get to spend time with your child and touch the life of others. (See Deut. 6:5-7)

We know there are demands on your time everywhere, so please know in advance how grateful we are for your help! 



KREW is the “peak“ of K3 whose focus is on leadership. A group of (roughly) four 4th, five 5th and six 6th graders, are selected by their KLUB Sunday morning small group leaders as kids who stand out among their peers as being or becoming “natural helpers”. Participation in KREW is by invitation only. KREW meets once a month to give input on KLUB events, KWAM mission projects and other aspects of K3 functions. At each meeting a lesson specifically targeting Christian Leadership is taught.


KWAM-Kids With A Mission

KWAM is the “peak” of K3 whose focus is on mission work and whole life stewardship.  The programs that make up KWAM are Car Side Ministry, KWAM Summer Camp, and other mission-focused projects.

CAR SIDE MINISTRY was born about 5 years ago in response to the attitude we heard from preteens that the beggars they saw on the streets by our church were not to be trusted with ANY money that was given. We hope to show the kids a path that could help these people without  enabling detrimental behavior. Car Side bags are filled with food, water, scripture, helpful information, along with other items, and then distributed to the FPC congregation to hand out as they pass the needy on the street. It takes about $200 to make 75 winter bags. We try to do this a minimum of twice a year. This project is made possible solely by donations.
KWAM SUMMER CAMP is a week long, half day camp where the kids immerse themselves in ministry to those people in need directly in our church neighborhood. Experiences at The City Gate, Liberty Park Child Care Center, The Isabella House, Ronald McDonald House and many more organizations help give your child a first glance at truly serving others.