SHIFT_jrhi: Middle School Community

Love God. Love Others.

7th and 8th graders: SHIFT_jrhi is Your LGLO Community!

LGLO = Love God, Love Others. SHIFT_jrhi is a place where middle school students from all corners of Spokane have a ridiculous amount of fun, grow in their faith, and live out justice in our world in the name of Jesus Christ. During the school year, SHIFT_jrhi meets most Tuesday evenings (7-9pm, FPC north entrance) and most Sunday mornings (10-11am, Westminister Room downstairs). In the summer, you'll find us having a blast playing and serving here in Spokane, on our Urban Plunge mission trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, or out at beautiful Camp Spalding. If you're a 7th or 8th grader, SHIFT_jrhi is the place for you and your friends, whether your family is involved in our church or not. Whatever the season, be sure to grab our quarterly events calendar, put it on your fridge, and join the adventure. 

Our ministry is relational in nature. Shift is about meeting students where they are in a highly transitional period of life, and building relationships that allow students to explore a life with Christ. It is sharing life together: the ups, the downs... all of it. Our leaders are not just volunteers who show up for a weekly event. They truly invest in students' lives as mentors who seek to live out the gospel alongside students.

What this means for parents is that you have a partner in mentoring your early teen! It also means your student will be contacted by an adult leader (college or older) in a variety of appropriate ways. Your student's healthy experience is our top priority. We deeply know our leaders, in addition to conducting background checks, leader training, and of course linking guy leaders with guys and girls with girls. Most of all, SHIFT_jrhi staff and leaders want to partner wtih you as you parent your kids. Check out some parent resources, and always feel free to contact us with any questions about leaders, programs, or ministry philosophy.

For a glimpse at who we are, check out a video we put together to cap off a talk series called "I Hope You Know." Having gathered and collected anonymous student questions throughout the year, we spent a couple months exploring some answers about God, life, and relationships. The overall message: light defeats darkness, and God calls us to live as "children of the light" in all areas: friendship, dating, self image, faith, the words we say (and text) to one another, the choices we make... in every case, we're invited to put down the things of darkness and let the light break through, embracing God's love for us and reflecting that love back to God and to our world.

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