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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? All-Church Event - October 2, 3, 4 or 5

We are excited about this weekend when we'll gather around a variety of tables to break bread together and have fellowship with one another in surprise groupings.

Breaking bread with one another binds us uniquely.  Relationships are formed, strengthened and mature over a meal.  It is not the food that makes the event ... it is the sharing of life together ... the expectations, the conversation, the tears & laughter and the acceptance & hope we give one another.  Click HERE for more information.

Sign up here for Guess Who's Coming to DInner?
Choose a meal on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  We'll tell yoiu the location and what to bring 2 days before that meal.  You'll find out who else will be there when you arrive.
Click here to sign up to be a Guest.
Click here to sign up to be a Host.

Beyond GWCTD?  God invites us to be in relationship with one another for the purpose of encouraging each other toward union with God through Jesus Christ.  We are in relationship with one another at FPC through a of variety of groups.  Some are designed to meet the needs of a particular stage of life while others are intentionally intergenerational.  Please explore the options on the menu to the right and contact the leader to begin getting connected.

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