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Fall Session 1: September 17 - October 15

Who is this Man?
The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus  by John Ortberg
Short-Term Small Groups … 5 weeks beginning September 17

Jesus is history’s most familiar figure. His impact on the world is immense and non-accidental. From the Dark Ages to Post-Modernity he is the man who won't go away … And yet …
He did not brashly defend his movement in the spirit of a rising political or military leader. He did not lay out a case that history would judge superior in all future books. He did not start by telling his disciples, "Here are proofs of my divinity; affirm them and I'll accept you."
Who Is This Man? illustrates how Jesus’ influence has swept over history, bringing his inspiration to the evolution of art, science, government, medicine, and education. And how his vision for us to lead lives of dignity, compassion, forgiveness, and hope continues to inspire and challenge humanity today.
Sign up for this on Sundays, September 3, 10 or 17.  On September 17 we’ll match you with a group.  Groups will stick together for 5 weeks so you have an opportunity to get to know one another and share a bit of life together.  Each week we will watch a short video together followed by discussion in your small group.

Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire by William Cavanaugh
Book Group led by Jeremy Wynne

Should Christians be for or against the free market? For or against globalization? How are we to live in a world of scarcity? William Cavanaugh uses Christian resources to incisively address basic economic matters—the free market, consumer culture, globalization, and scarcity—arguing that we should not just accept these as givens but should instead change the terms of the debate.
Among other things, Cavanaugh discusses how God, in the Eucharist, forms us to consume and be consumed rightly. Examining pathologies of desire in contemporary "free market" economies, Being Consumed puts forth a positive and inspiring vision of how the body of Christ can engage in economic alternatives. At every turn, Cavanaugh illustrates his theological analysis with concrete examples of Christian economic practices.
Cavanaugh is a profound thinker, a committed Christian, and a humorous writer. Most importantly, he claims to have put his finger on a gospel antidote for what ails us, able to transform the entirety of economic life into something worthy of God’s children.
Sign up and purchase a book on Sundays, September 3, 10 or 17.  On September 17 Jeremy will give an introduction to the book.  You’ll be asked to read one chapter per week (approx. 25 pages) and join in a discussion  for the next 4 Sundays.

Gospel of Mark . . . Ongoing Sunday Morning Bible Class
On September 17 Bruce Gore will resume teaching lessons from the Gospel of Mark.  You are welcome to join this class at anytime.  Bruce is a respected historian and scholar who has taught for many years here at FPC.  He is especially gifted at helping us understand scripture in its historical context, inviting us to engage it with our lives now.



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