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Community with a Purpose

Have you ever been on a trip with others where it seemed like every day you woke up feeling like you had an incredible direction and purpose to what you were doing with your time and with your life? Maybe it was a mission trip, maybe it was time with family serving others, or maybe it was something that you did while a student helping others. The community that existed had a great purpose that went far beyond you or your community and it felt like you were doing what you were built to do. That experience is what cultural anthropologists would call "communitas".

The word 'communitas' is a latin word meaning "community with a purpose" and that is perfectly encapsulates who we are at Communitas. Communitas isn't a new way of doing church, it's a new way of being the church. Communitas exists to worship God as Christ has revealed Himself to us and to respond to God's love for us and the world by living as a blessing to those around us and caring for the city of Spokane. Communitas is not a place or event we all go to on Sunday nights; it is a community of Jesus followers who worship Him, love each other, and love the people around them in service.

There are a few main ways we meet together: we gather to worship on Sunday evenings at 5 pm (6pm in the summer, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) at the First Presybterian Church building, we meet in small groups throughout the week, we serve together in various ways throughout the city and abroad, both formally and informally. In the near future, we hope to begin taking retreats together throughout the year. The best way for you to get better connected is to visit a small group—all of our groups are open to visitors, so please feel free to call the small group leader to visit one of these communities.


Feel free to call the Director of Communitas, Asher Ernst, on his phone at (509) 747-1058 x153 or email him at asher@spokanefpc.org, or visit our staff page.

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